Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

Selecting transportation projects

A major component of the long‐range plan is identifying regionally significant projects to improve the transportation of people and goods. This federally required project listing is intended to help the region identify and prioritize future transportation investments based on goals, strategies and expected financial resources. The list is also important in terms of future funding, as some federal programs require projects to be listed in the long‐range plan.

Stakeholder workshops to refine priorities

In spring 2014, MARC hosted two regional stakeholder workshops to develop a strategic framework to guide the update to Transportation Outlook 2040. A detailed summary of the workshops is available in Appendix G: Public Participation.

Planning committee approval

The MARC Transportation Planning Committees — Regional Transit Coordinating Council, Highway Committee, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee — finalized the project lists for the update to Transportation Outlook 2040. Using the relative strategic priorities and ranked project lists developed at the stakeholder workshops, the committees reviewed and ultimately approved the updated, financially constrained and illustrative project lists for the plan, as presented in Appendix D.