Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

citizen discussion at Transportation Outlook 2040 open house
images from public meetings

Process archive


Here are materials and events created during the development and evaluation of the Transportation Outlook 2040 update and the original 2010 plan.

The Public Participation process of the plan update is documented in Appendix G.

Plan update process (September 2013–June 2015)

Draft plan open house: May 7, 2015

Missouri Transportation Sales Tax Proposal: Kansas City Regional Submission

Public meeting/workshop: May 22, 2014 (Phase two) regarding project priorities:

Public meeting/workshop: April 14, 2014 (Phase two):

Updated policy framework approved by MARC Board of Directors
on Jan. 28, 2014.

Public meeting, Nov. 7, 2013, (Phase one):


2010 plan activities


Final open house, May 13, 2010

Event photos / Flickr
Event presentation (pdf slideshow)
Introduction display boards (1.16MB, pdf)
Land use direction / forecast display boards (5.76MB, pdf)
Call for projects / financial capacity display baords (1.17MB, pdf)
Transportation projects display boards (11.16MB, pdf)
Conclusion display boards (166kb, pdf)


MARC Board of Directors, April 27, 2010

Adopted — Policy Statement on regional growth and land use.
Draft presented — Transportation Outlook 2040 Forecast


MARC Board of Directors, March 2010

Draft plan presentation (pdf)


Public meetings, February 2010

MARC hosted several community meetings around the region Feb. 3, 4 and 11, 2010, to discuss land-use scenarios under consideration that show alternate ways of accommodating growth. The city of Leavenworth hosted an additional meeting.

Adaptive growth scenario handout (331kb, pdf)
"How will we grow?" presentation (4.7MB, pdf)
Growing smarter policies survey (542kb, pdf)
Local plans that advance the adaptive scenario (183kb, pdf)


MARC Board of Directors, September 2009

Future growth scenarios workshop brochure (2MB, pdf)
Future growth scenarios workshop presentation (4.3MB, pdf)


Plan development — Call for Projects, Aug. 5 to Sept. 4, 2009

Developing a list of projects is a major component of the long-range plan. MARC conducted a solicitation for regionally significant transportation projects that supported the plan’s adopted policy direction and addressed many challenges the region is facing.

Transportation Outlook 2040 Project Solicitation Guidebook (431kb, pdf)


Open house, June 3, 2009

More than 140 people attended a day-long open house hosted by MARC to present ideas for the plan to guide investments in roadway, transit, bridge, bicycle, freight projects and more.

Event photos
Introduction display boards (672kb, pdf)
How Kansas City is changing display board (110k, pdf)
Goals and strategies display boards (2MB, pdf)
Growth scenarios comparison display boards (3.6MB, pdf)
Analysis of feedback on transportation goals and strategies (pdf)
Public comments on transportation strategies (pdf)
Trend analysis of growth scenarios discussions (pdf)
Public comments on growth scenarios (pdf)
Transportation Outlook 2040 and growth scenarios presentation (3.6 MB, pdf)


ImagineKC, Future in Focus and postcard logos and images

Other activities in the community


Imagine KC

Imagine KC was a widespread effort to engage citizens across the region about their visions for a more sustainable Kansas City region. KCPT broadcasted a live regional town hall meeting. Imagine KC was a partnership of the University of Kansas, Bridging the Gap, KCPT, the Regional Transit Alliance and MARC. KCPT and MARC also worked together to co-produce a 12-part series using regional video footage, stakeholder interview and viewer feedback that focused on the metro area’s future.


Postcards to the Future

Postcards to the Future was an activity to challenge children to think about the future. MARC engaged kids in transportation charades and shared a transportation planning presentation with them.


Future in Focus

The Mid-America Regional Council hosted a photography contest Oct. 15–Dec. 31, 2008, to challenge people to explore the character and places we value in the Kansas City region. MARC featured these photos in print and website communications for Transportation Outlook 2040.


Community presentations and discussion

MARC transportation and research staff conducted more than 100 presentations and discussions with a variety of community organizations, civic groups, local governments and the general public over a two-year period. Staff provided an overview of the plan and talked about transportation challenges, needs and goals, opportunities in local communities, and growth and development scenarios.


Committee discussions

MARC's committee structure provides significant opportunity to engage community leaders. Throughout plan development, various MARC committees closely tracked the plan’s progress, ensuring that local planners and elected officials had ample opportunity to provide input on the plan's policy goals, strategies, financial forecasting, alternative scenarios modeling, and evaluate nominated projects. The Total Transportation Policy Committee and the Long‐Range Transportation Subcommittee played key roles in guiding plan development.

Key themes that emerged from multiple committees:

  • Integrating land use and transportation.
  • Increase travel choice and multimodal options.
  • Improve safety and public health.
  • Focus on system preservation.
  • Focus on transportation management and demand reduction.
  • Better integrate environmental and sustainability factors at all levels.

Citizen discussions, October 2008

MARC held five Transportation Outlook 2040 community discussions in the region during October 2008. Citizens were invited to talk about how they thought tax dollars should be spent on transportation projects in the Kansas City region over the next three decades.