Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

policy goal iconsPlan Goals | what we want to achieve

The policy framework serves as the foundation of the long-range transportation plan and directs the development of objectives, strategies and key measures to track regional progress over time. Additionally, the policy framework plays an important role in articulating the region’s position on state and federal transportation investments and legislation.

As part of the update process, key stakeholders, committees and staff modified the plan’s original nine goals, added a new goal and introduced categories that align with those used in the Creating Sustainable Places initiative — vibrant, connected and green.

MARC used the plan goals to help select transportation projects that should be funded in the future. The MARC Board of Directors adopted these revised policy goals in January 2014.



Economic vitality
Support an innovative, competitive 21st-century economy.

Coordinate transportation and land-use investment along the region’s corridors and centers as a means to create vibrant places and strengthen the quality of the region.

Ensure all people have the opportunity to thrive.



Transportation choices
Expand affordable, accessible, multimodal transportation
options in order to better connect residents and visitors to jobs and services.

Safety and security
Improve safety and security for all transportation users.

System condition
Ensure transportation systems are maintained in good condition.

System performance
Manage existing systems to achieve reliable and efficient performance
and maximize the value of existing investments.



Public health
Facilitate healthy, active living.

Protect and restore our region's natural resources (land, water and air)
through proactive environmental stewardship.

Climate change and energy use
Decrease the use of fossil fuels through reduced travel demand,
technology advancements and a transition to renewable energy sources.