Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

Overarching strategies

Transportation Outlook 2040 includes a comprehensive set of strategies to help preserve existing transportation assets, improve system performance, enhance residents’ quality of life, provide more transportation choices and protect the environment.

Each chapter of the plan identifies strategies and the policy goals affected. Below are some overarching strategies that appear across multiple modes and areas of the plan.

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Maintain existing system and services

Preserve the existing transportation system by focusing investments on the maintenance of existing services and facilities.

Foster Complete Streets

Promote and encourage context-sensitive solutions in transportation planning, project development and project selection.

Improve safety

Use Destination Safe’s Regional Transportation Safety Blueprint to help reduce fatalities and serious injury crashes in the region.

Expand public transit

Plan, develop and identify opportunities to support the expansion of regional transit and enhanced mobility to help people connect to work and other locations.

Plan for mixed uses

Create quality places that support a range of lifestyle and transportation choices, promote increased density through mixed-use development, and use a centers-and-corridors strategy in planning efforts.

Protect and improve environmental resources

Continue to implement the MetroGreen plan to connect trails and greenways to key corridors. Decrease the use of fossil fuels and improve air quality by reducing travel demand.

Increase data collection

Compile and analyze more data about the transportation system — such
as usage rates for roadways and bicycle facilities, population and employment
densities, freight movement and more — to better manage system performance.