Metropolitan Kansas City's
Long-Range Transportation Plan

The MARC Board of Directors adopted the Transportation Outlook 2040 plan update in June 2015.

Thank you to the public, local officials, committees, transportation stakeholders,
staff and others who helped pull the plan together.

The full plan is available online.



TO2040 Policy Framework

An updated policy framework was adopted by the MARC Board in January 2014. In the framework, the plan embraces the goals set forth by the Creating Sustainable Places initiative — vibrant, connected and green.

The policy framework includes:

  • Economic vitality
  • Place making
  • Equity
  • Transportation choices
  • Safety and security
  • System condition
  • System performance
  • Public health
  • Environment
  • Climate change and energy use

The Executive Summary

Transportation Outlook 2040 serves as a blueprint for managing the region's transportation system. The plan identifies transportation improvements for the next 25 years.

The executive summary offers a snapshot of the plan's content.

Land-use direction

MARC Transportation and Evironment has a Natural Resource Inventory, for your use.

The Kansas City area has a new tool to help municipalities evaluate policy, land use and development decisions in ways that reflect the unique environment of each community in our region. The NRI provides accessible information in multiple formats that can be easily incorporated into community and development plans, leading to more informed decisions.

Take a look at MARC's NRI publications including an idea book, a map book and a poster. You can also download GIS files or browse maps.

Check out the chapters

Check out the building blocks of creating the revenue estimates. It's on page E.8 of the Financial Capacity appendix.